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At Pandion Strategy,

Relationships matter.
Trust matters.
Vision matters.

Pandion Strategy is about making change.

Innovation can be risky and at times scary.

With more than 30 years of experience developing multi-stake holder initiatives, starting new organizations and convening parties who otherwise may not engage one another, we understand change.

We also understand change must be fair and always executed with a keen eye on the bigger system, the supply chain.  We’ve seen too many times farm based innovations be undermined by external market forces.

At Pandion Strategy, we understand dynamics at both the farm and supply chain levels.

We’ve worked both in the US and international contexts.


I Have known Erik professionally for over 20 years. We first met while he was visiting with the CEO of Costco Wholesale. Erik’s character has the attributes of passion, knowledge and motivation; his progress and effort have been measured on the Scales of Social Impact. Erik is on a lifelong journey of learning; seeing the potential of what “could” and what “should” be done. Jeff Lyons | SVP


I first met Erik Nicholson in 2005 at a forum on how to better share the rewards of the global food system with the workers and farmers on whom it depends. Since then I have known him to be a tireless and creative advocate for including the voices of all stakeholders in determining how food is harvested, processed and sold. His strategic and inclusive vision launched Equitable Food Initiative, Cierto and other multi-stakeholder efforts to create and share new value.


Peter O’Driscoll | Executive Director


Erik’s leadership and extraordinary vision for a more just and equitable food system inspires everyone in his orbit to be better and to work harder for a more sustainable food future.


Kristin Kershaw Snapp | Director of Corporate Affairs
Domex Superfresh Growers


I had the pleasure of working with Erik in the Socio-Technical Systems Roundtable for many years. Erik took up the almost impossible task of putting the interests of agricultural workers (working conditions) on the agenda of executives of a supermarket chain. In doing so, he has shown how the seemingly opposing interests of stakeholders – from employees in the field to directors in the board room – can be brought together by dialogue. It shows his leadership capacities – his collective leadership – to create win-win constellations in eco-systems for the benefit of many.
He also quickly realized that digital technologies could be applied to disruptively leverage the way of working to improve the conditions for workers. Not by waiting what technology and tech experts determine, but by taken the lead by designing the application of digital technology with an eye for both technological progress and social innovation.


Mark JG Govers, PhD | Associate Professor in Organization & Management
Maastricht University (The Netherlands)

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